When you’re Restless Because Every Day Feels the Same

Years ago I found myself at a low point. It wasn’t a big, life-changing event that got me there; just a sudden realization that life sucked. Every day of that horrible semester, this question nagged at me: “Is this as good as it gets?” I plodded along with everyday things, such as driving them to friends’ houses and joining my friends for picnic, but I lived with this underlying resentment that was consuming me, swallowing me up like a dark cloud.

When I was feeling this way and I was lost in my own perception of things, I would look at my window as I feel the beautiful scent air and have a sense of ugh!  I couldn’t find my way back to happiness. I was stuck. Thankfully, the Universe and my free will started to show me another side. A friend opened my eyes to a different perspective and I started to re-think all of my negative thoughts. She helped me see everything around me with new eyes instead of taking it all for granted.

I felt an opening of my soul and realized that there was so much more than I had previously allowed into my life. Just the fact that I was open to receive this better, more positive way of viewing my life made me happier. Within weeks I started gardening and got lost in the outdoors and the smell of the Earth. I was emerging as a more enlightened soul, lighter, taking on the day and feeling excited to do simple things—things that I had not considered doing for a long time, such as hiking and just sitting in the grass reading for hours.

As part of my morning routine, I started meditating in my yard, then doing some exercise in the glorious sun. My whole perception of my life turned around and I reveled in each day, so happy to be here in this beautiful place, having this amazing experience. Filled with love for my family, myself, and just about everyone and everything, I had transformed. And just like that, I left behind that persistent question, “What’s it all for?”

Now I knew what it all was for—to experience love, to give it, to receive it, to relate to the Universe and others as part of the sum of everything imaginable. My life situation hadn’t changed; I hadn’t moved away or started a new career. I didn’t seek therapy or join any club. I simply changed my perception about my life. I saw things with new eyes and realized how closed off I had become.

I have never again allowed myself to go to that dark place, as I am still high on life, with all of its simple pleasures and splendor. I walk around this beautiful lake every morning and marvel at nature and how perfect it is. I find ten miracles before breakfast, and I am living a life of joy.

With a feeling of being blessed, I have deep gratitude for everything in my life. And then I think, “Wow, I’m about to have a great day and then end up back here back in my room with my students! How awesome is that?”

Recognize that your thoughts represent just one possible way to perceive your circumstances. Write down all the great things in your life and decide to throw away any negative, self-limiting thoughts.

It’s your choice how you see your life, so see it as a beautiful gift and take on each day with love in your heart and a smile on your face.


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