Love an allusion

She sulked in the garden,

Unwilling to face him,

Her pursed mouth couldn’t utter a word,

Pain flashing through her.


Still shell-shocked,

Their sweet love subverted,

Her eyes soaked in tears,

Memories crossed her mind.


The last ray of hope gone,

From “yes I do” to “yes I did,”

She felt empty like a ghost,

The pain felt like she bled red.


Thought not to be a quitter,

But I give up that quicker,

“Cause I have been treated like litter,”

And slowly she walked away.


Moyale Massacre

 I am deeply saddened by the immense loss and cascading suffering of The Oromo people in Ethiopia.
And I am deeply disappointed by all those who have, year after year, by action or inaction, by design or indifference, allowed this to happen.
My grief and frustration are compounded by all I know of the Oromo People.
During my childhood, I saw the remarkable hospitality of the Oromo people in hosting millions of neighboring countries refugees – not in camps, but in their communities across the country.
Oromia was a place where refugees could live in security, trying to rebuild their lives and raise their families.
Today so many of those generous Oromos who shared so much have themselves been forced from their homes, becoming refugees or internally displaced.
In neighboring countries – whose enormous hospitality I witnessed but are burdened by overwhelming needs – the vast majority of Oromo refugees live below the poverty line.
Many of those Oromos who journeyed even farther from home in search of safety found the doors they once opened to others in need shut in their face in Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and Saudi etc…
I condemn the massacre of innocent people and call on the ethnic apartheid regime to immediately stop the killing the people.
My deepest sympathy for the loss of these precious lives to those families, friends and communities who are grieving their deaths.
I express concern for those who have been wounded and for countless others, who are now living under great stress and hardship as they have fled their homes to find safety from the violence and conflict.
It is critically important to stop killing the people and seek lasting solutions before the tensions and violence escálate further; something that will cause more deaths, injuries, loss of livelihoods, greater destruction, the destabilization of the regions or even the violence to spread to other parts of the country.
A country known for its ancient civilization and a people known for their richness of diversity have been betrayed.
Oromia is bleeding inside and out.
There should be only one agenda for all of us: to end the suffering of the Oromo people and find a political solution to the conflict in Ethiopia, and END the mass #massacre.

Embrace Me

After you are hurt and wounded
When the rain beat you hard
And make you dripping wet
And the ground is slippery
That emotions sweep your feet
I will slide in the mud
To come for you
And lick your wounds
That I eat your sorrows away

When you feel uncomfortable under
And your legs become weak
With an imaginable emptiness between
I shall squeeze sometime
And come to fill the void
And perfectly fit the hollow

When you are surrounded by loneliness
And you are overwhelmed by situations
And you cannot handle it anymore
I will come on top
To push and pump
Your agony away
And give you calmness and serenity

If you find yourself alone
Thinking of how hard things are
That you get worked up by circumstances
I will startle you from behind
And heal your sores
To energize you more
So that you know my coming
Was all for your satisfaction.

I Leave

Do not provoke the bruised bosom of a disgusted lover
Foe to herself enemy to man
Who will burn able bodied men
In avenged rage of sadism
Seductive as she may be
Green she may seem
I wonder why in the world
Such a being was made

It really hurt when I saw you with your current victim
Not for me but for him
That he will suffer the same fate.
Young a soul for your evil ways
Why, why, why?
Are you so loose
I feel total contempt
Towards you
A person who seeks attention
And when accorded
Dipells it.
Hold on! Hold on!
This is not for you
No no no
This is for the rest
The foolish that reel in fantasy loving
You are lost
If the most impressive thing that you do
Is create enemies along the way
Yes I know
To increase stimulation
Delay gratification
But yours
Are you a monkey?
Jumping from one tree to another
you leave with surprise not regrets
I wonder why?
I ask how?
Became of morals!!
for I might be taken as a warmonger
A dumped lover
I leave.
With a humble bow
To say no more
Of morality
Of love
Of trust and frienship
Comradeship and partnership
I cut the communication
And abandon the relation.

Literature our Mirror

Bertolt Bretch “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” DOCTOR vs INVALID, BLACKMAILER and LIMPING MAN – the INVALID accuse the DOCTOR for causing him to get a stroke by treating the patients for free.

BLACKMAILER on the other hand informs the court that, he only wanted to know if the farmer whose name he hides had raped his niece but instead he was given money to pay for his uncle’s studies.

The LIMPING Man accuses the DOCTOR for operating on the wrong foot. The Doctor’s case presented before judge Azdak manifested at our very own Kenyatta National Hospital the Limping man had his right leg operated instead of the left leg. Azdak considered it as a professional negligence. Kenyatta Hospital had it worst, a wrong patient had brain surgery. This should be considered attempted murder.

VERDICT: INVALID was sentenced to a fine of 1000 piasters
The LIMPING MAN as compensation he would receive a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Poor Limping man.
The BLACKMAILER was sentenced to give half of the proceeds to the court so to keep the name of the landowner secret.

Corruption is prevalent in Grusinia. The peasants, on Easter Sunday accuse the Water Inspector for taking bribes, Azdak in the monk trial accuse the Princes for having won the by pilfering the war coffers, Azdak as a judge, accepts bribes openly showing how much the society had sunk into the dirt.

When war breaks out in Nuka, the Singer says, “When the house of a great man collapses, many small folks will be crushed under the ruins.” Therefore the death of Governor Georgi Abashwili leads to suffering of many. His servants would be rendered jobless, the prices of food shoots above the roof- Grusha pays 2 piasters for a pitcher of milk among other issues.

We also notice the difference between the poor and the rich, Grusha pays 2 piasters for a pitcher of milk but the Grand Duke is willing to pay Azdak 10,000 piasters for lodging in his house. This is the adage of capitalist regimes. Whilst the poor live under a dollar, the rich eat in luxurious hotels. They do not have problem with money.

The Caucasian chalk Circle is clear portrayal of Kenya.

Literature is indeed a mirror.

I Think of You no More

Now that I think of you no more
And, that burning desire to be with you has worn out
When I held your esteem high and might
When I placed you in a pedestal and loved you.

That love to which is beyond flattery
To which I could easily have made my conquest I loved you with indifference of forgetting
A promise of constancy a seal of fidelity.

And the smoothness of loyalty
That in all the ladies about
I had never made such
But only to you my intended.

Now that it ended
I think of what could have been
To play and joke with you
To be happy together and be sad in moments

With the madness of passions
And the youthful energy
I would entangle you
And suck with all industry.

The hatred and mistrust
That you along the quest for love acquired
And make you speechless and breathless
And you be mine to hold dearly.

But that ended
That innocent rosy face
Those big round eyes
That voluptuous curvy body
Which tempted and left me captive.

That voice that captivated my primal feelings
To which I hunted vanity
Your calmness and cheekiness
Your frisky behavior that dangerously annoyed me.

Your boldness
That I find no more interesting
I think of you no more Or see you as a passing torrent of passions.

To which only fools succumb
To desires of the flesh
Which leaves one tactless and defenseless
Your beauty left me breathless.

And I stared to enjoy without enjoment
To which I lost my lion heart
When you cruelly cut off
The strings that webbed my heart
I wept! For I was atlast free
Of my heart.

And long liberated from my vain thinking
In it I came to know
You never possessed a heart That feels and desires
But you have a head
That was bent on humiliating and degrading me I think of you no more.


Oh mother
How I feel for you
No words can reveal
I will never forget you
Nor forsake you
And I will strive
To be worthy of
Your goodness
For ever and ever.

I miss you mum

Am in Love

And this is directed and addressed to you
For there was and still
Original form of my suffering
To the gods that summoned your presence
Or the oracle that brought you to me.

You are a cruel being.
I swear that you killed me
Its not that am complaining of your rejection
Because I know love is journey that me and you are traveling
I mistook your destination
And welcomed you in my heart
A curse. I cry
I suffer in agony and pain
Ooh how I wish you knew
My trials

I could say that I don’t eat well
But that is a childish innocent truth
Whomever taught you to be deceitful and to think before you speak
Is cursed
For they let you not feel the fire
That you aroused in me
Burning and pure feelings
That I willingly let flow
From my heart into your head
which made me look up the stars
Heaven and earth had smiled and I was carried away
I forgot myself because I felt for you
But you crowned my misery
And sentenced me to the most humiliating punishment
You killed me

Your presence and features make me weak
And I silently wish to open up
To shower you with lamentation
I woul not go that low
I will keep cool and calm
I will learn your way
I will become cold and I will blow
And when I feel not anymore
I will relove again with the same fire and passion.

I will regain my feelings
And follow not my desires
And remember that all in all
Love is vanity
If the object of your admiration
Give not the satisfaction of the flesh
Love unrequited
Love lost
I was truly in love😍❤

My friend

I love you my friend
Day in day out
Come rain come shine
Like the moon and the stars
Always there, always together
Like doves.
Me and you faithfully attached
To separate only in death
And when left, alone I stay
I love you my friend
Night and day
Through thick and thin
Like roses
Thorny but alluring
Expensive and scarce
For you are one of a kind
The one for my only heart.

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